The Friends Of Riverside’s Hills is a Non-Profit 501_3 (c)  public benefit corporation.
We are committed to the preservation, restoration and expansion of our open spaces and natural habitats.

We advocate for a vibrant trails network that connects recreational opportunities for hikers, bikers and equestrians.

We promote best practices and proven strategies for managing our open spaces.

We continue to advocate for a ban on discing for weed abatement on all non agricultural zoned lands.

We are promoters of the adoption and enforcement of the Air Quality Management District’s Rule 403 concerning particulate emissions into the air we breathe.

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  1. Carol Williams Kisch says:

    Thanks for your work! I hope to be on your email list and to get updates from you on the Riverside Hills.

  2. Steve Riley says:


    My name is Steve Riley. I am the vice president of AMRO Fabricating Corp. AMRO is a family owned business that my mother and father started thirty-three years ago. We have been fortunate enough to win a contract with the Boeing Company. To fulfill this contract we have to load pallets into a special 747- 400 aircraft called an LCF. (Large cargo freighter)

    My reason in writing to you is that we have chosen March as a possible site for shipping these special pallets. This would involve about fifty landings and take-offs over about a two and a half to three year time frame. All landings and take-offs should happen during daylight times.

    As I am sensitive to your charter, I would like to meet with your group and see if that is something that you would be opposed to.

    If you could, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Again my name is Steve Riley. My cell phone is 714-457-7971.

    Thank You

  3. Felix Alray says:

    I cannot understand why Friends of Riverside’s Hills would be opposed to Metrolink’s proposed Perris service. This old Santa Fe rail line has been in place for more than 125 years; why would trains suddenly become a problem? After all, is it not true that rail traffic is one of the least damaging to the environment? Trains certainly are an improvement over what we currently have, with automobiles scrambling everywhere.

  4. Kirk Visscher says:

    This website is awfully short of information.
    Is it possible to join the Friends of Riverside Hills? How would go about that?
    Who are the board members of FRH, and how are they selected?
    How does FRH select which issues to litigate?
    How would one get in touch with FRH?
    Where does FRH get its funding, and is it possible to contribute, and how?

  5. admin says:

    Hello Kirk.

    Forgive the delay in my reply. I am Gurumantra Khalsa, President of the Friends.
    You’re certainly right about our site being short on info. We’re working on that.
    In the meantime, I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I can be
    reached at my office – 951-784-7500 or my cel, 951-640-3868. Thank you for visiting
    our site and for your interest in the Friends Of Riverside’s Hills.

  6. Zachary Larsen says:

    Hello. I saw today that the Enviromental impact report was discarded by the judge in your case against RCTC. Congratulations! However, as somebody who would ride said extension of Metrolink, I have a few issues that I wanted to bring up, and if the project does continue, should be addressed.

    The usage of a quiet zone and uni-directional automated train horns along the effected area of track would solve a large portion of noise problems caused by the passing metrolink trains. It solved a number of problems encountered in the Western area of Riverside/Pedley, where, on Union Pacific’s Main, Metrolink implemented this system as well.

    My other concern in your lawsuit is that even though you argued that the path to the “C” above UCR should be open to the public, why did you (Friends of Riverside Hills) not request for a pedestrian crossing of the tracks to eliminate the (At this point nonexistant because of the slow speeds BNSF trains go through the area) danger of somebody being hit by a train? Speeds were set to increase along the line after the project would (Or in this case, if ever) be completed.

    Overall, I was personally going to use the Perris Valley line to commute, however, and your lawsuit did raise some legitimate concerns over the project, however, I believe both of those issues should be at least examined. Plus, with Metrolink securing funding for new Tier 4 Locomotives by 2015, an ordinance should be put into place (At least again if the project went through after the new environmental study)to only allow Metrolink to use said locomotives on the line.

    Just my thoughts.


  7. Joe says:

    I do not find your arguments against the Railway to Perris to be of any concern over the pollution and noise generated by the OVERLY congested parking lot known as the 215 freeway. You are of few people, are costing this state millions and above all, preventing the will of the majority. This should not be allowed, and it seems to me that this has some other motive other than concern for the environment.

  8. Ron Roy says:

    Has anyone clocked the travel time from Riverside Downtown Metrolink to proposed Metrolink station in Perris by car in light traffic. My bet is it’s around 20 minutes. Someone should drive it to confirm. Any rail or other modal alternative should not be accepted unless it matches or better this 20 minute time. I don’t care what kind of mode you use (although express bus is probably the cheapest). Time is money!! This rail proposal is a calamitous disaster, because the RCTC/RTA presumes you are easy prey. They are guessing you don’t have automobile alternatives. RCTC exploits the poor by predatorially exploiting the poor’s weakness, lack of vehicular choice. A poll tax of transit. Whereas the rest of the population can make the 20 minute commute, the RCTC, counts on the poors inability to have other transit options. That’s why RCTC believes it can push off a 2 hour rail commute that will ensure the poor remain poor, taking way their time from their families, ghettoizing them via this corrupt transit options. No 20 minutes. No line!

  9. Tony says:

    Why do the friends appose some thing that will benifit so many peoples daily lives in a positive way. Are they money hungry. We need public transportation people.

  10. admin says:

    There is a concern for the quality of life in the neighborhood that is being impacted by this project. Those impacts have not been adequately addressed and the court agreed. Very few neighbors are opposed to metrolink. They are concerned about additional freight traffic and safe access to existing trails and the ability of first responders to reach hundreds of homes when freight trains block all three access points into the neighborhood. None of these issues are unresolvable but RCTC seems unwilling to consider them.

  11. admin says:

    The Friends are not opposed to public transportation. They have concerns about the way this project has disregarded public safety and environmental rules designed to protect all Californians. By the way, the first train from Perris will be leaving at 3ish in the morning. How many people do you really think are going to benefit with a commuter schedule like that?

  12. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments Zachary. The Friends has been on record from the beginning requesting that pedestrian underpasses be included at the three trail crossings in the neighborhood. RCTC’s response has been that anyone crossing the tracks is trespassing and they have no inclination to mitigate the issue, one of several that the judge ruled in the Friend’s favor. The Friends is on record as being in favor of public transportation. Regarding the issue of the quiet zones, they would be included if and when RCTC gets a green light to proceed. We agree that will make a huge improvement in the quality of life in the neighborhood. Good luck with your commute. The first train leaving Perris is scheduled to leave around 3 a.m. Hope you’re an early riser.

  13. Shawn says:

    Friends of Riverside Hills,

    I am glad your insane lawsuit has been settled! You agreed to live by the railroad tracks when you purchased your home, you should not receive money for home improvements! You just ripped the tax payers off! And Zach, you want more quiet zones that is crazy it’s a train and they agreed to move next to the tracks and a running path? You are telling me the only area for someone to run is next to the tracks? Go find a new trail!

  14. admin says:

    Hi Shawn,

    Thank you for noticing the need for finding new trail. That’s part of what the settlement is for. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate with City and County Parks and the Land Conservancy to leverage those funds to procure the lands and build the trials that will eventually link Riverside to our regional trails network. Not everyone understands the implications of this lawsuit. I’m glad you’re spot on.

  15. Tim says:

    I have a concern on Pachappa hill. My neighbors at 3239 Pachappa Hill own a parking lot across from there house. It is a vacant piece of land. I am almost certain this is the access to the top of the hill? My concern is that they have installed a pipe with poison in it. It has been killing mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits, and probably owls, and coyotes after they eat the poisoned animal. Myself and other neighbors have contacted code enforcement and they cant do anything about it. I am hoping you can help in some way to help protect the wildlife on the hill.

  16. jeff says:

    how do I get details on the settlement and construction?

  17. Robin Harness says:

    If you think you are so superior to others that you deserve to have ANY influence over property that is lawfully owned by another party, and you use the courts to bully those individuals—-you might change to say you are protecting Riverside’s hillsides, not hiilsides. Geez, all that lawsuit money and you cannot afford spellcheck.
    Yes on L.

  18. Kathleen Dale says:

    My name is Kathleen Dale. I am a resident of the City of Moreno Valley working with a grass roots group opposing the World Logistics Center project proposed for eastern Moreno Valley. This project will have wide-reaching impacts beyond the City of Moreno Valley and for your organizations interests, the San Jacinto Wildlife Area and related open spaces associated with Lake Perris State Recreational Area. I am reaching out to see if your group is aware of this project, is interested in learning more, or, most importantly, is interested in joining forces in opposition.

  19. admin says:

    Hello Kathleen,

    The Friends have been following this issue as it has been progressing. I will pass along your message at our next board meeting.

  20. Erin Snyder says:

    Hi All, I’m trying to figure contact info for your group. mail, phone and email of someone. We would like to add you all to the stakeholders list for the Riverside Citizen Science Collaborative.
    Thanks so much,
    Erin Snyder
    Resource Educator
    Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District
    4500 Glenwood Dr. Bldg. A Riverside, CA 92501
    951-683-7691 ext. 207 FAX 951-683-3814
    Snyder@RCRCD.org http://www.rcrcd.org

  21. Mahmoud says:

    Just wanted to know if you review, comment or even bring law suit on Environmental documents that may have potential significant impact on the environmental resources and mitigation measures have not adequately been addressed and how does one get you involved .

  22. admin says:

    Hello Mahmoud,

    Our involvement is dictated by our mission to protect hillsides, arroyos and open space. I’d be happy to pass along the project you’re concerned about to our board.

    Thanks for asking. Sorry about the delay in a reply.

  23. admin says:

    Hi Erin,

    You can use my info:
    4108 Watkins Dr
    Riverside CA 92507

  24. Jim Ferrari says:

    I received a notice of a public hearing on Jan. 21 concerning a proposed apartment complex In the wash north of Central Ave. near the fire station on Central just east of Canyon Crest Dr. Are The Friends aware of this project?

  25. admin says:

    Yes, we are aware of this project. I know there have been several discussions.

  26. I’m working on contact information for our education and outreach director. What is your email and/or phone that I can list>
    Steph Johnson
    Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District
    4500 Glenwood Dr. Bldg. A
    Riverside, CA 92501
    951-683-7691 x201

  27. Alice Smith says:

    I follow the Twitter feed for @Metrolink most days to stay informed about delays and schedule changes. The Perris/Riv line routinely has delays up to an hour due to “Freight traffic”. Prior to the rail extension it was suggested by some that the commuter rail extension was a smokescreen to obtain funding to improve tracks for freight traffic. This certainly seems to be borne out by the facts. The Riv/Perris line was even offering free rides for awhile, no doubt to exaggerate ridership statistics. It’s time for an investigative journalist to interview Perris line riders and gauge their satisfaction with the service.

  28. admin says:

    Hi Liz, I hope someone contacted you, but I have my doubts.
    You can contact Gurumnatra Khalsa: gkhalsa@nutritionnews.com 951-784-7500

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